Coleman Splash Page

The strategy of our campaign was simple: love the person in front of us. It was never about locking in a vote, or even a victory, but to hear someone’s story.
This morning I woke up with the gift of so many friendships and deeper relationships. Beck and I more in love with each other and with Anna, Teddy, Charlotte, and Henry, and are fully trusting God for whatever comes next.

The women and men I ran against—and their families—are friends for life. Chris, James, Clarice, Rick, Teddy, Russ, John, and Carrie and their families stood up, endured the fire, and can be so proud of what they’ve achieved. Carrie will be a fine standard bearer for the GOP this year and has my support.

Thanks to the dozens of leaders from the U.S. Senate, Congress, state House and Senate, and county and local governments, who shared this journey with us with endorsements, money, and hospitality. I’ll knock doors for you any day, anywhere.

For all who wrote large checks and small ones (especially for RV gas)—there are no words to express my thanks for keeping us on the road.

Finally, I have no adequate way to thank my gifted campaign chief, Phil, and our professional and volunteer staff—Christian, Corey, Michael, Josh, and Joseph—for the 5am starts and 1am finishes. My team at Churchill (Josh, Donna, Amy, Scotty, and Corey) have held the fort in my absence with heart and excellence.

Our campaign was graced by the leadership of two exceptional chairs, Rep. Rob Mercuri and Rev. Joe Watkins. Each of them has become a counselor and friend, and I’ll always be grateful that they went on the line for me.

And to Bob for gifting me lawn care, and every friend who texted prayers, Scriptures, playlists, and emojis—thank you. You were the confirmation I needed to go one more day.

And that guy in the photo pumping gas is Micah. He’s not actually a Coleman son—although he’s got the hair—but he’s now a member of our family. Watch this guy. God has plans for him.

So, if you’re reading this and don’t think you can do what something (or Someone) is nudging you to do, please believe me when I say, you can trust Him. He will never fail.

With deep gratitude,

(originally posted on Facebook, May 18, 2022)