Jeff Coleman for PA Lieutenant Governor

believe in pennsylvania.


The Mission
of Education

The Value of
Small Towns

Rebuild The

Every Pennsylvanian
Should Feel Like
They Belong

You can bring Pennsylvania together. Every day, we’re being pushed toward isolation and division with friends and neighbors—turning our communities into the battlefields in an uncivil war. Jeff Coleman is calling on Pennsylvanians to be Champions of Goodness—by joining and donating to a movement that brings people together to fix real problems.

A lieutenant governor can help
us bring Pennsylvania together.
Here’s why Jeff is the right
leader for this moment.

Elected to the PA House of Representatives without negative campaigning.
Helped dozens of candidates challenge negative politics and win.
Wrote a book promoting a return to civility, kindness, and honest debate.

What are People Saying about Jeff’s Agenda?

We Are Pennsylvanians

We are home to William Penn’s great experiment.
We’re the place the American story began.
We were the last stop on the Underground Railroad.
We settled the big questions of the Civil War at Gettysburg.
We shared the kindness of Mr. Rogers with the world.
We can prevent America from coming apart again.

Together, We Can Be
Champions of Goodness

We can recover the mission of education by expanding parental choice between public and private schools and becoming a student-focused system.

We can reestablish the value of community by promoting ownership, entrepreneurship, and recovering the important story and mission of Pennsylvania’s small and medium-sized towns.

We can rebuild the workforce by focusing on the dignity of work and its importance to strong families—especially by removing barriers to job training and apprenticeships for ex-offenders. We can’t afford to waste a single Pennsylvania citizen.